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Small Businesses I support!

Since 2020, I have been trying to reach out to local brands, collaborate with them, and teach their employees and artisans yoga and mindfulness. These employees are skilled workers who generally do not get paid well, but the conscious businesses try and change that. Supporting local artisans and making sure they get a good working environment is not easy when you are struggling to build your own brand.

This is the reason why we should support local brands as much as possible. It is crazy how my mindset changed. Wearing the most expensive brand does not give me the same kind of satisfaction that otherwise I would get when I buy local.

Send warm hugs, positive vibes, and these special wishes to your favorite small business this festive season.

Tag your favorite small business and tell them you are a fan 🙌🏻

💗 Love: Hope you receive endless love from your customers this season.

💚 Growth: More orders, more employees, more creativity! Here's hoping no milestone is left unturned this season.

💛 Joy: Hoping you thrive, not only with happy customers but also with a happy team!

💙 Stability: Hoping for smooth sailing through all obstacles.

💗 Self-Love: Hoping you let your faith and your goals soar you high, leaving doubt and fear behind.

Few local brands I support do check them out:

Linen On Me - Beddings and loungewear

Conscious Chemist - Clean beauty

For Earth's Sake - Zero waste cafe and store

Zariin - Jewelry brand

Swarang Design - Artisanal bags and accessories.

Head over to my Instagram to see what are the things I have bought from these brands @ajacihyoga

Do slide into my DMs and let me know if there are other conscious brands you support.

XO Ajachi


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