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Ironically, mindfulness, which is an inherent need for each one of us, is now a luxury.

We teach mindfulness— a state of awareness, which guides you to manage your emotions in the most fruitful way

— through yoga and other mindful practices.

The time and cognitive space to reflect on mental health appear to be unaffordable to a large section of society. They are not only considered as not in need of mindfulness but also mistaken as being unworthy of it. Our mission is to break this myth and facilitate access to mindfulness to as many souls as we can.


Artisans & Workers

Personalized online yoga classes for your employees for a minimum fee.

Understanding the challenges of the local artisans and other skilled workers and helping them overcome health issues.



Carefully crafted classes for children aged 5-15 years old.

Fun stories, mindful art and other activities to help them evolve physically as well as mentally.



Meet Ajachi

Born and brought up in Delhi; A mountain girl in her spirit and through her roots, Ajachi completed her 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training from Mysore under the guidance of Guruji Ramesh Shetty.

She is a personal trainer at Cult.Fit and also teaches kids’ yoga and mindful art for IraYogaWellness.

Ajachi is currently collaborating with various conscious Indian brands to teach yoga and mindfulness to their artisans. She is also associated with NGOs like Parkshala where she teaches yoga to children.

Engineer turned yogini, Ajachi is manifesting commitment and serenity in her personal and professional space one deep breath at a time.



A little bit about you...

If you find yourself here, you are a conscious local business with a zeal to promote a sustainable lifestyle reflected not only in the products you make but also in the way you manage your employees, the local artisans, aiming to help them benefit from yoga and mindfulness. You believe in sustainability for mother earth and our mantra, which makes it possible— healing you, through you.

You may be in the capacity to reach out and guide young minds in need of mentorship. In tune with our goal, we believe in initiating the difference we intend to make through children with great potential that are otherwise deprived of the opportunity to tap into themselves and find acceptance and gratitude. You believe and acknowledge that while life gives you no shortcuts to alter or refine every trouble that comes your way, your perspective and strength can give you the courage to manage these troubles positively.

We only need you to believe; that the perspective and strength will be nurtured by us in every person whom we connect with through this initiative.



A little bit about us...

Our motivation flows from a thought— ‘You cannot pour from an empty vessel, take care of yourself first.’


Whatever your contribution is, whether, to your work or your family, it has to flow from a place of calm and serenity to be effectual which is possible only if you are at peace with your mind and heart. All discourse about peace of mind is unfortunately accessible only to the privileged.


Therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and all other attempts at finding your mental bliss somehow remain inaccessible to the daily wage earners, the artisan who made your favorite piece of art, or the child you saw playing at the construction site outside your house. Those are the people who drive us to do what we do and to do it with utmost faith.



Donate a class!

If you would like to support us in our mission to teach yoga to all, you could help by donating 2 classes a month for $6.

If you are not able to afford yoga and mindfulness classes or you know someone please reach out to us and we will help.

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