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Drawing Mindful Mandalas

Colors and art have always been a part of our lives since childhood. As a child, we used to make drawings on canvas or unleash our creative side through coloring books. But as we grow older this relationship with art starts to fade away for most of us. We forget how to draw or enjoy art.

To be honest, art is one of the most therapeutic aspects, and it should not be neglected. Art is not only a hobby or a passion. It is a part of the therapeutic exercises in modern psychology and psychotherapy.

Art is used as a medium to communicate one's feelings and emotions to one another, as well as to explore oneself. Art therapy is a therapeutic process in counseling that uses psychological facts with a blend of color, creativity, and art-making processes. It helps clients overcome challenges and fear, and explore themselves through the medium of art.

One recent trend that has been followed is using Mandala art for mindfulness. Mandala art has the potential to alleviate stress and anxiety.

As a symbol of the cosmos or universe, Mandala is a square containing a circle, and the entire design is symmetrical and balanced. Some spiritual traditions use mandalas for meditation or to mark a spiritual space. The word mandala itself simply means "circle" in Sanskrit. "

Studies suggest that geometric shapes provide people with a sense of relief and that coloring also has a calming effect on people. In a similar way, drawing and coloring a Mandela with a symmetrical shape aids mood regulation. As anxiety creates chaos in one's mind, coloring helps to organize that chaos. Coloring plaids of Mandela takes people into a meditative state.

Simple steps for at-home Mandala Meditative Techniques:

  1. You can download any app on your mobile, such as Mandala Coloring Pages, for quick practice. Or,

  2. all you need to do is bring a pen or pencil, paper, and some colors with you.

    • Draw an 8 cm diameter circle on it.

    • Begin by drawing a small circle in the center of the circle.

    • Then create any pattern around that small circle, then draw another circle and repeat the process.

    • You can fill it with the colors of your choice.

We have complied a Mandala guide to inspire your inner artist. Check it out here !

Engaging in creative activities such as coloring allows time for self-awareness; it allows us time for ourselves and our thoughts. It's not only good for our cognition but also for our emotional and physical health. Creativity and art are about exploring new possibilities. Science has proven the benefits of art & coloring in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. It also has its own calming effect that we have experienced in our childhood through the joy of coloring or drawing.

So bring your colors to your table and have a relaxing evening with some creativity!


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