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Mindfulness: Balloon Breathing

Remember the first time when you were asked to sit in one place and focus on your breathing? When you were suggested to start meditation?

For most of you, it must have been intimidating or even boring! Right ?!

Our breath is a magical tool. We are well aware that deep breathing can help us calm our bodies. It also helps to get more oxygen into the bloodstream, opening up our capillaries. It has a physical effect that helps lower stress.

Not all children can understand the meaning of deep breathing and therefore we teach the children ( age 4-15 years ) using different techniques. Balloon Breathing is one of them. We did it in the class yesterday so your child might be familiar with it.

How: Place both your palms on the stomach. Breathe in deeply and observe the belly growing bigger like a balloon. Exhale completely and observe the belly getting smaller. Repeat the same.

Activity: Guide the children to perform 5-20 times balloon breathing.

In the mindful journal draw the balloon getting bigger and smaller ( let them use their imagination how they want to draw this) and write how did you feel after the breathing, in one word.

It is very natural children might resist this or get bored. Weren't you bored when someone asked you to focus on your breathing for the first time? The key is taking it slow, being consistent, and experimenting with what works for them. If you see the calendar, we will use different ways to learn to deep breathe this will help us to be more aware of the breath, and during this month, your child might just pick up one of her/his favorite breathing exercises.

If you are also struggling to start your pranayama practice you might give this a try.

XO Ajachi


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