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Mindfulness: Gratitude Sun

The actual definition of the word 'Gratitude' is a strong feeling of appreciation for someone or something. But for me gratitude means magic, it is a mysterious force that has the power to uplift your mood instantly.

If gratitude is magic, the gratitude journal is your magic wand.

We are so consumed in trying to live the best life that we actually forget to live at all. Now read the sentence again. Wallowing in the sorrows of mistakes that we did in the past or anxiously waiting for things to happen in the future is really not living!

Counting your blessings and reflecting on the happy aspects of our life can really help us be in the present moment and become more resilient. This will definitely not resolve your issues but it will certainly help you tackle your problems better.

Activity: Drawing a gratitude Sun

  1. Draw a Sun in the middle of the sheet.

  2. Colour the Sun.

  3. Take 2 minutes and reflect on the prompt " I am so grateful for... ".

  4. For each 'poky' sunray write a thing you are grateful for.

You can use the template or get creative and draw something very unique. You could also go bonkers and colour your Sun pink, blue or green. Hehe!

You can download the template here

I would love to see what you have drawn, so tag me on Instagram @ajachiyoga or leave a comment below.

XO Ajachi


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