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Daily yoga practice helps to boost the immune system, increase strength and flexibility, reduce anxiety, increases focus, and helps to feel good.

What is YOGA?

Yoga is a way of living in which an individual unites with its highest self. It is the union of body, mind, and soul. Doing a very difficult asana with ease is yoga but writing your thoughts down and being kind to yourself is also yoga.

Below are a few ideas that will help you enhance your yoga practice. Create a mindful routine and try to incorporate all or a few practices every day.



Daily yoga practice helps to boost the immune system, increase strength and flexibility, reduce anxiety, increases focus, and helps to feel good. It not only prepares you to perform better on the mat but also prepares you to experience your life off the mat while being mindful.



Longevity is inversely proportional to the number of times you breathe in a minute. It is said, in order to live for hundred years the human would breathe only 15 times a minute. Apparently, we have only a set amount of prana ( life force ) in our body and Pranayama is the best way to save it. Breathing exercises for even 5 minutes every day can help you live longer and healthier.



If you feel sitting in one place and concentrating on your breath is daunting, then mindful art is perfect for you. Unleash your creativity and reduce stress and anxiety while playing with colors. From mandalas to repetitive zentangle art, the sky is the limit.



A wise man once said - The easiest person to deceive is one's own self. Mindful journaling can help you free your mind, organize your thoughts and process your emotions better. It helps to explore the world of possibilities and gain perspective. A daily practice can really help you plan a better future, attain personal satisfaction and be more grateful each day.



Nothing beats the early morning Sunrise. There is something about the Sunrise; Is it the colorful sky - crimson, orange, yellow, white, and blue or the melodious sound of the birds chirping. Perhaps is the cozy and fresh breeze. You will only get to know it once you experience it yourself. Put an alarm and wake up early morning for your rendezvous with the beautiful Sun.



Ditch that phone already. We don't even realize but we are spending almost 4-5 hours a day on our phone and another 4 hours on binge-watching our favorite web series on Netflix. Do you realize that this is a full-time job on its own? Promise yourself a distraction-free time slot, especially at night; Keep your phone aside at least one hour before you sleep and one hour after you wake up. Use an analog table clock to set your alarm, read a book in bed or just spend time with your loved ones without any technology. Try it, it is actually not that difficult!



We all have heard - We are what we eat - but we barely incorporate it in our lives. Mindful eating is not just about being conscious of what you eat but also how you eat. Try to enjoy your meal and use the hunger scale ( you gotta do a class with me to learn this, hehe! ) to manage your portion size. Let food be your friend and not your enemy.



We often, lose ourselves to the rat race and daily to-do lists that we completely forget to take care of ourselves. Be kind to your body, mind, and soul. They require some TLC now and then, it is indeed your responsibility to make sure that happens.

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