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21 Days of Journaling

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Mindful journaling is the act of expressively examining what is in your head and in your heart. It is the time to confront your thoughts; whether they are beautiful or dark, seeing them in front of you will help you discover more of who you are and where you need to be. Writing things down helps us free our minds, organize our thoughts and process our emotions better. The most important step in journaling is when you re-read what you have written. While reading your thoughts you will either come up with a solution to your problem, or you might realize the problem is just imaginary. Sometimes you also come across things that have no solution and it is time to tell yourself to just let go. Not just your worries you could also write about the things you are grateful for and remind yourself that your life is nothing but beautiful. This challenge will help you build a regular journaling practice and be mindful of your feelings.

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