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I help individuals unravel their highest selves through #yoga, #mindfulness, and #art.


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My name is Ajachi and I am a Technical Project Manager at Walmart Global Technologies India. I spend most of my time building intelligent products and I love to talk about mindful leadership and agility at work. I am also pursuing my M.Tech in Software Engineering from Bits

Pilani ( 2022-24 )

I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher and children are my favourite students.

I am a serial outfit repeater and I try to live mindfully, inculcating healthy habits, which I often share on the being mobile app.

If you want to stretch a little, be more aware of your breath, live consciously without hurting the environment, or just chit-chat over an Americano feel free to get in touch with me.

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Custom portraits & Manifestation Art
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7 Days of Mindfulness while working from home
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Learn to draw Mindful Mandalas
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Feelings Pizza 🍕 & Yoga for Kids
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