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'Pass It On' is an initiative by Ajachi Yoga to push more individuals to start their yoga journey. This is the perfect way to educate more people that we just need our breath and body to be healthy and happy.



Meet Ajachi

Born and brought up in Delhi; A mountain girl in her spirit and through her roots, Ajachi completed her 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training from Mysore under the guidance of Guruji Ramesh Shetty.

She is a personal trainer at Cult.Fit and also teaches kids’ yoga and mindful art for IraYogaWellness.

Ajachi is currently collaborating with various conscious Indian brands to teach yoga and mindfulness to their artisans. She is also associated with NGOs like Parkshala where she teaches yoga to children.

Engineer turned yogini, Ajachi is manifesting commitment and serenity in her personal and professional space one deep breath at a time.


Start your yoga journey with Ajachi by filling the form below. Please note we will contact you as soon as we have free slots available. Due to high demand, our response might be slightly delayed.

The free class is only for the individuals who have the 'Pass It On' Card.

Thanks for submitting!

  • 1 hr 30 min




Did someone give you the Card?

Congratulations on getting the 'Pass It On' Card. You certainly have very kind friends around you who want you to be happy and healthy.

Using this card you could claim a free yoga class with Ajachi. Fill in the form below and just be ready with your yoga mat, somebody from the team will call you and fix you a spot.

Once you are done with the class, pass on this card to someone you love and let them experience some of the power of yoga and mindfulness.

We have only limited cards and they will travel around the world just keep passing them on.

In case you would like to buy the 'Pass It On' Card for someone you love, please reach out to us.

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Buy a coffee

If you have attended Ajachi's free class in the past and would like to support her, you could buy her a coffee :)

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